Map of Solan District of Himachal Pradesh.
"Solan District of Himachal Pradesh"

Solan was the capital of erstwhile princely State Baghat. Here on 26th January, 1948 a conference of princes of various hill States of Western Himalayas and representatives of Prajamandals fighting for independence form the yoke of princely rule was held under the chairmanship of the State’s last prince Raja Durga Singh. The concept of Himachal Pradesh was mooted in this conference to become a reality on the 15th April, 1948. Solan remained a Tehsil of Mahasu District till 25th January,1971 when Himachal Pradesh gained the status of full fledged State and Solan became the headquarters of District Solan.

It is a lively town midway Kalka and Shimla, has railway stations and the famous Brewery that was established in the year 1835 by Dyer Meakins (Mohan Meakins today). It has been declared as the Mushroom city of India in the nineties because here is produced a variety of button mushrooms. At a height of 1350m, it has salubrious climate throughout the year. Temples of Shoolilni Devi , Narshing and open parks are the places to visit in the town. Karol tibba (peak), Meteol Tibba , Kotla nallah (stream), saproon springs are other places of interest. Not far from Solan are Mareog, Gaura and Karkanu, the angling spots by river Giri. Readers who want to read it solitude of Solan may enjoy the facility of HP State Library here.

Dr. Y.S.Pramar University of Horticulture and Forestry is situated at Nauni at a distance of 15km from the town. It nurtures 15,000 species of flora and has successfully domesticated an enormous variety of herbs.
Hotels , Rest Houses and Guesthouses provide comfortable stay. If staying in a private hotel or guest house, it is advised to stay in those registered with the Department of Tourism.

Chail: The summer  capital of the  former princely State of Patiala built in  the late  19th century at a height  of 2226m  known for exquisite Palace Hotel of HPTDC and at 2444.4m the highest cricket pitch and Polo Ground in the world. Easy walks in and around Chail amidst green forests, stroll at wild life sanctuary and fishing along Gaura river can be interesting.

Shilon Bagh :  A private hotel  where  Shimla  Queen  contest is held ,is not far from here on Chail-Kufri road. Dochi ,Maharaja Patiala’ s farmhouse ; Known for exotic gladioli and other  flowers ,is hardly a few Km from  Chail on Chail Kandaghat  road.

 Barog : Just  7km  away form Solan, small village at a height of 1680m is  gradually developing into a township dotted  with quite a few  hotels and eateries HPTDC also has Pinewood  hotel  here This little township has come  up on top of a hill  through which  runs the longest  tunnel in Kalka –Shimla  Railway line .The  northern end  of the  tunnel opens on  a tidily kept  railway station at Barog  where exists a  pretty,  cozy dining room  having  a wall clock marked with Benson of London,  NW Railway 1903.

Kasauli : Its  proximity to plains,35 km  away from Kalka, makes it more in demand of tourists who flock in here when there blazes the sun  Dainty  English style cottages , oldy  goldy shops, forests  of pine and horse  chestnut , magnificent view  of  the Gangetic plains  which  turns into a spread of twinkling  lights under the cover  of darkness ,refreshing  mountain breeze and much more is there at a height  of  1927m of Kasauli .A vantage spot for views is Monkey  Point Dominating Choor Chandni[3647m]standing majestically above all the lower hills leaves an imprint.
Sanawar with a famous public, Garkhal with Shirdi Sai temple Sabathu with a cantonment are other places worth visiting when in Kasauli.

Nalagarh: A diversion from Pinjore , falling between Chandigarh and Kalka, towards west takes visitors to Nalagarh , an ancient town that has the look  of any town in the plains. The Fort Nalagarh, a Heritage Hotel, where one can enjoy the nostalgia of the past in the comforts of the present.
Arki: The capital of the princely State of Baghal lies  off Shimla-Bilaspur highway ,Fine wall paintings can Kaliseli, Brahmpukhar , Bari Dhar, Ghagnu Ghat and  temple of Vanya Devi may be interesting.

Source: Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Himachal Pradesh

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  1. Solan is a beautiful place with various favourable things to make it a suitable holiday destination. I am planning from the past 6 months to visit Solan. My friend is from Solan and suggested to buy a house there.

  2. I really found hill stations a better place to live in over metropolitan cities. Recently, I've been to Shimla, Kasauli, and Solan to cherish the beauty of hills and relax my mind. Believe me, I was not at all feeling like to come back, but I had to. But, now as I'm so much impressed with the beauty and peace I attained there I've bought a Visit second home in Solan to spend my vacations.